Performance Edge sits on the value of growth mindset, for anyone who wants to make a shift from where they are now to a more purposeful living.

Through the years of research and our own experiences of dealing with stress, health, relationships or job issues, directly or indirectly, we have accumulated successful life experiences and knowledge to transfer to you.

We believe in using our inner strength, Energy Vibrations, to do well for our mind, health and well-being.  Yet, also to understand how to listen to our inner-being and our body.  

Join us to walk from darkness to light and discover how you can live life fuller with joy and ease, from your heart. 

Hear our stories and successes and what we have in common:

Meditation by the Sea
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Anything about Life Purpose or The Quest of Life, is never slip out of my fingers to deep dive for more.  Since childhood, I have always been passionate finding answers to human behaviours vs outcomes, that I observed around my environment and myself.  I wanted to know how to simplify life and yet get what we want, even if it means to expose to areas like religion, self-development, fengshui metaphysics, health, well-being and energy vibrations.  Life is a roller-coaster.  Having managed my 20+ years career in Human Resources profession and lost it, single-parenting, financials, health-related decisions, and many more that you could think of,  I am here living transfer the knowledge you need.

Live and Love Your Life.



With an intense interest to improve human performance, I delve into every literature, techniques and tool that can enhance our ability to go faster, further and higher. In the centre of all tools, devices, gadgets, and techniques are the presence-based approach to life and living with mindfulness. As a Chinese metaphysics practitioner since the age of 15, I have lived harmoniously with nature and flow with energy.  After enjoying a high flying corporate career, endure a tremendous amount of stress and its consequences, I decided to answer the calling of my life: Helping people to grow and transform to a life they desired. Schedule a call with us to explore how we can support you to transform your life easily, quickly and scale the peak of your choice.