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Where is my Happiness now?

Success. It's one of the most alluring words in our vocabulary. We dream about it. Plan for it. Chase after it. But just what is it we are after? What really defines success?

In the eighties, it was simple. Success meant "climbing higher, going farther" and everyone was out to claw their way to the top. Today, success is far more personal. It comes from a sense of what we believe as individuals rather than what society tells us to believe.

Are we looking for Success then, or are we looking for ultimate Happiness?  Yet to differentiate Success vs Happiness is a thin line that can often hit us when we are affected by our external situations, eg. bankruptcies, broken marriages, career crisis, illness or even death...

Can we reverse the situation and still find Happiness?


“The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of Mind - Creators and Emphathizers, Pattern recognisers and Meaning Makers"

Daniel H. Pink



Begin with Inner Motivations that Creates our New Living

Have you notice the new shifts over the recent years that have brought to how we want to manage and be managed in future?

The future is transforming and we are shaped by the way things will evolve around our work life, businesses, parenting, health and relationships.  We have seen how products and technology are shaping the experiences we want and on the human aspect, more inspiring entrepreneurial leadership are coming to create the coherence.

We rely less of extrinsic values and more on observing what the World needs and how to create purpose in what we are doing.  All these requiring us to move from the "thinking" mind to the "feeling" mind, also the Creative Mind.

We know we perform best with environment that support our mental well being and yet how do we get our mind out of stress, for performance and better relationship with others?

Have we been living normal or are we going to learn to live our new normal?  Where will the education and corporate world evolve next to build the future coherence world?

Together at the Top


We Support You to Achieve Your Best

We are human performance coach.  We help our client to achieve their success, in their own terms.

We are highly knowledgeable about innovative tools, practices and principles to maximize performance, actualize potential, enhance energy and help our client become healthier, happier and more effective. We have the skills to help anyone achieve an upgraded body, mind and life, regardless of their current level of energy, health or emotional intelligence. We facilitating learning, change and development in our Clients in a way that enables them to realize their potential and achieve their most valued goals.

We help our client to achieve the following:


Improving their health and physical/psychological capacity. For example, reducing weight and body fat percentage, improving energy levels, making positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle, enhancing wellbeing, resilience and happiness


Reaching a destination. For example: unlocking potential, working with self-limitations, shifting mindset and perspective, asking different questions, creating a positive mental attitude, working with challenges, self-leadership, setting and achieving work or sales targets.


Developing new skills and abilities. For example, managing stress, changing a specific behaviour/ habit, accessing creativity, becoming assertive, improving communication, making better decisions, improved productivity and becoming a more effective leader.


Transforming consciousness, perceptions, and beliefs, clarifying and living their values, and finding meaning. For example: enhancing self-awareness, becoming kinder and more patient, getting clarity on and living their life purpose, cultivating a meaningful spiritual life and developing a mature self confidence